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Why Blacks Can't Swim

Why Blacks Can't Swim sheds light on a neglected chapter of the Civil Rights Movement and the black freedom struggle. It shows how the fight for equal access to recreation was part of the larger movement towards racial justice and human rights.

Image by Josh Sonnenberg

What Happened

The film focuses on the Wade-Ins that took place in Florida, where groups of black protesters attempted to desegregate white-only beaches and pools in the 1950s and 60s. They were often met with violent resistance from angry white mobs.

About the Documentary

Why Blacks Can't Swim is a powerful documentary that explores the little-known history of Wade Ins, when black Americans across the Jim Crow South risked their lives to integrate beaches and swimming pools.

Through interviews with Wade-In participants and their families, the documentary reveals the courage and determination it took to challenge the deeply entrenched system of segregation. Many put their lives and livelihoods on the line in the struggle for equality.

Image by Kool C

A series of events are being planned to share the documentary. More information about Dianne Andrews' work can be found at


About the Filmmaker

Dianne Andrews is an award-winning journalist, television host, author, inventor, entrepreneur, and nationally recognized speaker. She has written and produced several documentaries capturing the attention of movie production companies, but says this documentary on the Silver Dollar Group is the most important to date.

Andrews is working on her 6th book and is the host of the television show "Dianne Andrews: In Black and White." She recently invented “FUJI’S TOTES” design patent pending, the first pet pillow tote carrier of its kind launching November 2023, online and retail.

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