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Patented Fuji's Totes

December 2023 Fuji's Totes became one of only 6th Patented animal pillows in the country!

Dianne holding her dog
fuji totes

Patented, Revolutionary, Therapeutic, Multifunctional Pillows!


 Not made in China!

dianne andrews
Dianne and Gucci with Fuji's Totes
We just received our full PATENT number for Fuji's Totes with Dianne Andrews as the inventor! A 3 1/2 year process is now complete. No one can copy Fuji's Totes without being sued!!

Fujis’  Totes Story

All processes hand done by Dianne Andrews from the handpicked material then Hand dyed and Hand sewn and Hand packed -All with your precious fur baby in our Hearts and Minds. A 4 year journey to get you the BEST Multifunctional pillow in the world!


This project helps a flooded community to live……


In August of 2019, Fuji, Omari-my nephew and I took a trip out of town. I thought I had put Fuji's medications in my purse. His other items were placed in my duffel bag- leash, water container, emotional support papers and food. Upon arrival in the hotel room at 7:30 PM and unpacking, I took out all of the medications to find some were missing, for his dry eyes and his heart. He took several prescribed medications for several disease processes.

Fuji's Totes is a patented dog or cat carrier and pillow.

I retraced my steps and realized I left his medications on the kitchen
counter. A light flashed, “Fuji needs his own luggage and tote.

Being a mathematician and knowing how to sew I sketched the design that day!

When we arrived back in Louisiana, I found a designer seamstress, after calling around for weeks. She was in another town an hour away. After multiple trips to her shop, I had a pattern. The next step was finding my patent attorney.


While the search was going on I had sample totes sewn from my pattern dimensions. The idea came to me to make the pillows in multiple colors including college and professional ball teams one pillow combination is black and gold. We have university and pro colors like purple and gold and blue and gold. The blue and gold is also the color for the country of Ukraine. Sorority and fraternity colors are available with red and white, pink and green and blue and white. Many more pretty colors your desire for your precious fur baby doggies and kitties.

Fuji and Gucci totes are over 4 years old; the ones in the pictures with the tote carrier.  I wanted a mostly handmade quality washable no bleed material multifunctional pillow.  It’s a carrier tote, luggage and pillow. I tested it for over 2.5 years.

multifunctional tote thats washable for dogs and cats
champ the dog


I didn't forget the big dog or extra large Maine Coons’ pillows. The orange and brown were created for a dog named Champ. The owners were Cleveland Brown fans. Sadly, Champ passed prior to getting his pillow. The large doggie pillow is different as I designed it to be a pillow with a spread that snaps on and off allowing the animal to sleep under or use it as a cape or shawl in the rain or cold. “My mathematics mind is always thinking about the most and best for less for my customers. 3 uses for one reasonable cost. "

washable tote

It has been a journey of life and learning. People would not believe learning the materials
to use, the snaps, the embroidery, every process was specified by me. From 2019 with
me scratching a pillow bed tote design, to today we have two beautiful designs of no spill
washable pillows. One for a small-medium dog the second one for a dog up to 140
pounds. People have said when they’ve looked at Fuji and Gucci’s pillows that were sewn
in 2019 that they look brand new. They’ve asked me why I use this quality because
people won’t buy many. But I wanted the BEST for my fur baby as you do, and people will
tell others who will buy. I can’t guarantee this pillow will last 8 to 9 years with normal
wear and tear, but I believe it will last more as your fur baby sleeps and travels. Like my
Dianne has started a “Leashes of Love” program to collect new and used animal
products to be given to shelters and animals in need. She has already sponsored
adoption days and has helped animals to find homes. Her goal is to not only have a
business but altruistic in getting animals the best care they can have. – Dianne, Fuji and Gucci.

Dianne Andrews In Black & White: Fuji's Totes 


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    Hall of Fame Doggies & Kitties
All of our special doggies & kitties are now on PATENTED pillow beds !!